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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sabbatical To-Do List

Here are some of the things I plan to do this sabbatical

Spiritual Life

  1. NM Spiritual Directors Meeting
  2. Clergy Quiet Days in March, April, and May
  3. Spiritual directors International Conference on Dream Work
  4. Called Back to the Well Retreat
  5. Pastor's Group in May and June

UU Networking

  1. MDD UUMA Meeting April 21-22
  2. MDD-NM Clergy Meeting May 31-June 2
  3. GA June 19-24

Prepare for New Church Challenges

  1. Spend a few days in Madison WI, to study how they do their third service, campus ministry, and TV stuff.
  2. Go to several local services to observe "contemporary worship"
  3. Take an on line course
  4. Publish a blog
  5. Visit Portales, Pagosa Springs, and perhaps Roswell and Gallup
  6. Critical Incident stress management course
  7. Look into getting a grant for this satellite church project

And....Work on the Absence of God book and check with Skinner House Books about publishing the Covenant Group Materials which Alicia and I have created over the past two years.

Not to mention the quilt, the garden, my father's 80th birthday party, and watching the birds....

Is that enough for four months? :)

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