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Friday, February 24, 2006

Sabbatical To-Be List

My colleague Robert Fulgum wrote a lovely Christmas essay about turning his holiday "things to do" list into a holiday "Ways to Be" list. Looking at my sabbatical to do list, I think I had better do the same.

How do I want to be on this sabbatical? The words that come to minds are quiet, attentive, open, calm, appreciative, awaiting, contemplative.

I am struck by the protective gear that the Olympians are using; all manner of helmets and high-tech shiny, stremline suits and who knows what else. This gear, though often ugly, is made necessary by their high speed sports and carefully honed competitive edges.

My own life competes only with the clock and my expectations, but it has enough speed to it that I, too, have developed a bit of a hard shell to cope, and its that shell that I hope will soften in this four month break from "regular" work. The only way for the shell to soften is for me to slow down, calm down, and listen up.

Is my "To Do" list compatable with my "to be" list? That will be the challenge!

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