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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blogging 101

There are three ways to read blogs. The first is to go to the website whenever you think of it. The second is to use the Feed service. (Notice "Get a Feed" under "links" on the sidebar?) If you use an aggrigator or just want the link on your home page, that's how to get a link to the current post automatically. If all that is Greek to you, here's an easy way: Get all new posts by email. You sign up for that service at the bottom of the side bar, where it says subscribe me! Enter your email, confirm your address, and every night that there's been a new post on this blog, you'll get it by eamil. It's a free service, unless you want your email every hour, then it's (believe it or not) $1.59 a month.

This appears to me to be a safe and secure service, and a big time saver for regular readers.

Have fun!

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