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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm off today for a week of family reunion, occasioned by my father's 80th birthday. We'll be having it at the River Road Unitarian Church, as he was on the building committee of that church in the mid 1960's, and its beauty is one of the proud achievements of his life. Using the wonders of computers, the internet, and all the nifty computer-ready forms available at the office supply store, I created name tags for the 50 guests, each with a graphic and color coded based on what part of my father's life the person came from. He's had a rich life. Besides his wife, children, and their families, all of whom will be present, his elder brother and a part of that family will be there, including a new-born great niece. Also, work friends, other Traffic Engineers, at least one neighbor going back 50 years, some current neighbors, and two friends made in the course of the political work he's done in his county since he retired. That's the way to have a good old age, I involved and keep making friends. It's something I plan to remember.

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