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Sunday, March 12, 2006

UU's Visit Famous MegaChurches

My colleagues, Kathleen Rolnez and Wayne Arneson from Cleveland, spent their sabbatical last Fall in search of transformative worship, and their blog of their travels offers some interesting ideas. For instance, at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, the offering is accompanied, not by music, but by a testimony of some sort.
I like this idea. Ever since we instituted the offering of change, and thereby invited everyone at worship to put money in the baskets, the offering has been much noisier and more distracted than before, and therefore, it's been harder to focus on the music. I've sometimes thought of just asking Alan to play a little something during the offering, and save the guest musicians for a time when people will be paying attention to them. This might be a better idea, as it is a lot easier to attend to words than music when distracted by the mechanics of the offering.

Here's another idea: at another church, regular after church tours were conducted by members of the congregation. Great idea! A very non-threatening way to get new folks together and give them some initial orientation, meet each other, and at least one guide!

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