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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Church Websites

No church shopping allergies drained all my extroverted energy. Although I had planned to go to St. Michaels, where I have several friends and feel very comfortable...I just didn't do it.

Instead, I've been surfing through church websites, and I've noticed a few things I want to remember to suggest for our website.

First of all, much as we love our Cottonwood tree, (and nobody loves it better than the one, me, who watered it all Winter!) it is not a very welcoming picture for the website. We need a picture of people with smiles walking on to our patio.

Secondly, I think we need staff pictures on the front page. I think that people trust people more than they trust words. And the fact that we have a female senior minister is still, to many of our first time guests, an amazing and wonderful thing.

Thirdly, lots of websites have a "What to expect if I'm new" section which covers what we cover about our service, adds how early to come if you are dropping off children, what to wear, that the service only lasts an hour, and what the service is like. Also that one can park in neighboring lots. As someone who is newly aware of how hard it is to take the plunge into a new church, I like this idea.

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