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Thursday, March 02, 2006

What I've Learned about Blogs

I have spent most of the afternoon surfing through the world of Blogging.

Blogs are basically personal websites which are set up to be interactive. They generally consist of posts and comments, with some personal information about the blogger, favorite links, and so on. But the heart of it all is the posts and the comments.

They are hosted by the internet biggies...Blogspot, for instance, which hosts this one is good old google. I think that we can trust them to keep our email addresses secret; they ask for it when you comment to keep the spam down.

So what I now need to make my sabbatical life complete is some comments! You comment by clicking on the little picture of a pencil, registering with Google, and commenting away. If you do that, you'll feel as hip as I do right now!


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