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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Multi Site Churches

A couple of members of the iministry team are going to go to a media conference next month, and in the brochure was a workshop for "multi-site churches". I googled that today and got a plethora of sites; turns out that what I thought was my little idea for spreading UU'ism in New Mexico is the darling of Evangelical Mega churches. I suppose that that validates the idea, but I do so like being an original thinker!

There's lots of help available, although no on so far seems to be imagining multi site, lay lead groups. So perhaps there will be something for us to invent after all.

As an interesting sideline, this blogger had such utterly sensible comments about our local church fiasco, Calvery Chapel, that I signed up on his web site. That led to the question of RSS feeds...the newest in thing for getting updates from websites without having to browse your favorites. I'm trying that on my blog...if you click on "get a feed" in the link bar, you could get this blog automatically updated. (if I did everything right, that is...)

What a profound change all this is from the old "look it up in the encyclopedia" days!

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