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Monday, February 27, 2006


I realized some months ago that my Sabbatical will begin on Ash Wednesday...The first day of Lent. Lent is a period of preparation for Easter.

I'm not a big fan of Easter. There are some spiritual lessons available in the Christian story of the Resurrection, but overall, Easter is a struggle, and my taking a sabbatical over Easter is not an accident. But I do rather like Lent, and its sister season, Advent, and I've often undertaken projects, special meditations, and sometimes, fastings during those seasons. It's good to take a rest from one's usual addictions and to try new things for a defined period.

This Lent, my fast is going to be a fast from Computer Games. In "normal times" computer games are a source of relaxation for me. Not only do I get away from whatever I was thinking about when I play them, but I enjoy the feeling of mastery. When I play computer games, I feel in control of my world. This little habit takes more time out of my life than I wish it did. I'd really rather be quilting. Unfortunately, quilting is too often an exercise in letting things be out of control, so while I enjoy the results, the process isn't always a source of relaxation.

With a little less stress in my overall life, I think I will have less need for veging out in the world of Luxor, Suduku, Arcade Lines, and Troyis. I have bought a book of Suduku puzzles to do on paper and am looking forward to the very challenging Math puzzle in the daily paper. That should keep my mathematical mind exercised for the duration.

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