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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Moderates in the UUA

Philocrates, a UU Blogger, has been holding a discussion about a book called "Knocking On Heaven's Door" which is devoted to studying how the "60's" (Really 1955-1975) changed the culture of the religious mainstream. There's considerable time devoted to Unitarian Universalism in this book; a whole chapter on Gay Rights within our denomination, and lots of side comments, some of which are startling. (Oh, to see ourselves as others see us!) I procured the book and read large chunks of it yesterday, and posted some comments on that Blog. The discussion had turned to why it is that our GA resolutions are all so radical, and why the many moderates we know belong to UU churches don't speak up in the discussions. That lead me to reflect on what "Moderate" really is and means and why "Moderates" don't participate much in UU discussion. Here's the link; you can read it there; and while you are there, check out this excellent blog!
"Moderates" on Philocrates

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