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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Molly Ivins Mentions Us!

Today's Albuquerque Tribune carried a column from Molly Ivins which mentioned her sister's participation in the Green Sanctuary Committee of "the Unitarian church in Albuquerque."

Hey, there's a thrill! I wonder if we'll get any hits on our website because of it?

I've always appreciated Molly's wit and wisdom, and the fact that she was one of the few famous liberals who have kept both their cool and their edge during this dark night of our collective liberal souls. I would have appreciated her even if I didn't know her sister, and that's added to the fun. But most liberals either started suffering from brain draining anxiety after the last election, or they seemed demoralized and wandered around trying to figure out where to plant their feet. (The democratic party at large still seems to be in the later state.) Not Molly!

Today's column remarks that until we know for sure what the climate tipping point is (was), we'd better just do what we can do. She highlights changing to more efficient lighting something she rightly commends our Green Sanctuary Committee for doing. And we've got more hybrid cars, too!) I've got another suggestion. Let's turn off some refrigerators or freezers.

It's not uncommon for busy families to have two refrigerators and a freezer in their homes. Now, that's a LOT of power. Refrigerators, especially old refrigerators, are the biggest power hogs in the house. Do we really need all that food storage? How about simplifying our lives by shopping for and eating and drinking what one refrigerator holds, and then filling it again? If your life and organizational abilities are anything like mine, I can't even properly use before I loose the contents of one freezer, much less two.

Just a thought for those of us who want to do our bit for the earth but have already replaced our lightbulbs, combined our trips, and are not ready for hybreds or bicycles.

In the meantime, Thanks, Molly, and best wishes from your sister's church!

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